Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to give you my password or any personal information with you?

No, never. Your password is confidential. We only need your link to your channel or video, Instagram username, the link to the publication, and your email address. This is the only information we can ask you for. Your privacy is thus preserved and there is no risk of hacking.

Is it really anonymous and trustworthy?

The confidentiality and anonymity of our clients are very important concerns. It is the trust our clients place in us that has made us successful. Our procedures are secure and our data is anonymous. All questions asked to our consultants are also anonymous, so you can talk to us about your project in complete confidence.

How does the warranty work?

The majority of services offered on our website (subscribers, views, and likes) come with a warranty period which is displayed in their descriptions (15 days or more). If you purchased these services and experience a drop in your channel’s performance metrics, we will restore the resources you lost while your warranty period lasts.

How can I track the order status?

If you provide us with the correct email address when placing your order, you should receive an email with your order number and a link. You can use this link to check your order status at any time.

If you run into any challenges (if you provide an incorrect email address or do not receive an email with your order number, for example), you can still check your order status by contacting our customer support at When you contact us, please have the link to the content you are promoting ready (the same link you provided us when you placed your order). Our staff will check your order status and get back to you as soon as possible.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

It takes somewhere between 5 and 180 minutes for the order to start being processed. Depending on the size of the order and the type of service you have chosen, this timeline may vary. This is indicated in the description of services it applies to. If the performance metrics of your channel have not started to increase within 24 hours, please contact our customer support at to confirm your order details.

What kind of YouTube channels are not eligible for promotion?

Any channels that publish content that violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines. This includes nudity and sexual content, instructional theft or cheating, hate speech, content that promotes drugs and other illegal substances, discrimination and harassment, gambling, and content that breaches copyright.

1 Channels that are not eligible for a boost in subscribers:

  • Channels with no content. Your channel must have at least one subscriber and one video posted
  • Channels that do not have their subscriber count displayed publicly

2 Videos that are not eligible for a boost in views:

  • Videos that have any kind of restrictions that prevent any user from accessing it from all devices and all sources

3 Channels that are not eligible for a boost in likes:

  • Channels that have their like count hidden
I have not received my order, what should I do?

Before you make a payment, make sure you meet all of the following requirements which are necessary for the services you purchase to be delivered successfully:

  • You provided the correct link to your YouTube channel or your video
  • You did not change any of the information you provided before the order was fully processed
  • Your channel is not blocked and has not been deleted at the time of delivery of the services you purchased
  • Access to your video is not restricted in any way and the video has not been deleted by the time your services are delivered

If 24 hours have passed since you placed your order, and your delivery issues have not been resolved, please contact our customer support at .

Can I cancel my order?

You cannot always cancel your order after your payment is placed. The majority of our services are delivered at a high speed which makes it hard to cancel your order. If you would like to pause the processing of your order, please contact our customer support. We will do our best to pause the delivery of your order. However, we cannot guarantee any results.